Version 20.9 preview

Version 20.9 # As expected I didn’t have much time to work on klogg this summer. However, there were several free weekends, and I was able to do some bugfix and new feature development. Preview builds can be downloaded from Github: Windows Linux Mac Feedback is very welcome. Changelog # Major new features: Highlighters reworked: Several sets of highlighting rules can be configured and chosen using context menu Highlighters can be configured to colorize only matching part of line Added an option to match using simple strings Highlighters configuration can be exported and imported on other machine An option to choose UI style, including dark theme based on QDarkStyleSheet A menu to switch between opened files Some support for dark OS themes Some support for HiDPI displays Bugixes and minor improvements ...

Version 20.4 released

Version 20.4 # During this months there were almost no new commits to klogg. For several years klogg has been my second most frequently used tool (first one being code editor) and I’ve been doing my best to improve it based on my daily experience and user feedback on github. However, since the beginning of 2020 I’ve switched to a more manager-like position. This is all very new to me, and doing this job requires tools not related to log file analysis. ...

Version 20.1 preview

Version 20.1 preview # I’ve decided to postpone next release to January 2020. Mainly because I like 20.1 version number better than 19.12. This allowed to add sevaral major features. Preview builds can be downloaded from Github: Windows Linux Mac Feedback is very welcome. New features # Favorites menu to save files that are opened not frequently enough to stay in recent files history. ...

Version 19.12 preview

Version 19.12 preview # There are several important bugfixes and new features for the next version. New features # A new scratchpad tool has beed added. It can be used to store text and perform some transformations. For now it supports: base64 decoding json indenting xml formatting These transformations I use the most. Any suggestions are welcome. Another big feature is new multi-window mode. It is experimental and you have to enable it in settings dialog. ...

Version 19.9 released

Sep 21, 2019

Version 19.9 # The main focus of this release was fixing bugs with reading changing files. There were some usabiltiy improvements, UI became more responsive and a few minor features sneaked in. And new icons by wiz0u. Configuration file is now split in two parts: user settings (they can be changed through UI and klogg does not edit them) application settings (history of opened files, search patterns, etc., these are changed automatically by klogg) This release has following changes: ...

Version 19.2 released

Feb 8, 2019

Version 19.2 #

This release has following changes:

  • significant performance improvements during loading files and searching
  • added an option to keep file closed
  • added polling file settings on Windows
  • renamed filters to highlighters based on pull request by @arthurspa
  • added color picker for choosing highlighters color based on pull request by @safield
  • some quick find fixes
  • added a menu item to clear current log file
  • allow to drag’n’drop several files
  • change bringing main window to front on Windows
  • fixed some UI bugs (progress updates when searching in large files, grey text lines when using limited search areas and more)
  • merged several fixes for file monitoring by @gin-ahirsch
  • added some more encodings based on pull request by @Seeraeuber
  • created builds for x86 and x64 versions of Windows
  • fixed deb and rpm packages
  • add checking for new version on Windows (new version info file is downloaded directly from GitHub)
  • updated 3rdparty libraries to latest versions

Download on Github: klogg 19.2

Version 17.12 released

Dec 11, 2017

Version 17.12 #

This release is base on glogg 1.1.4. The aims of this release are performance improvement and code base modernization. Several feature requests from upstream have been implemented.

Versioning changed to calendar versioning scheme: Year.Month.Patch.


  • Updated to Qt 5.9 (Qt 5.10 on Mac OS)
  • Automagic encoding detection based on uchardet library
  • Using Entropia File System Watcher on all platforms to monitor file changes
  • New index layout in memory to speed up file loading and searching
  • Saving matching lines from filtered view to a file
  • Saving follow mode and marks for opened files
  • Separate portable build
  • Some quick find hotkeys changed

Download on Github: klogg 17.12

Version 1.1.3-r1 released

Mar 25, 2017

Version 1.1.3-r1 #

This release is based on glogg 1.1.3.


  • Merged with upstream 1.1.3
  • Cache some search results in memory
  • Use several cores during search

Download on Github: klogg 1.1.3-r1