Version 19.2 released

Version 19.2 #

This release has following changes:

  • significant performance improvements during loading files and searching
  • added an option to keep file closed
  • added polling file settings on Windows
  • renamed filters to highlighters based on pull request by @arthurspa
  • added color picker for choosing highlighters color based on pull request by @safield
  • some quick find fixes
  • added a menu item to clear current log file
  • allow to drag’n’drop several files
  • change bringing main window to front on Windows
  • fixed some UI bugs (progress updates when searching in large files, grey text lines when using limited search areas and more)
  • merged several fixes for file monitoring by @gin-ahirsch
  • added some more encodings based on pull request by @Seeraeuber
  • created builds for x86 and x64 versions of Windows
  • fixed deb and rpm packages
  • add checking for new version on Windows (new version info file is downloaded directly from GitHub)
  • updated 3rdparty libraries to latest versions

Download on Github: klogg 19.2