Version 20.1 preview

Version 20.1 preview #

I’ve decided to postpone next release to January 2020. Mainly because I like 20.1 version number better than 19.12. This allowed to add sevaral major features.

Preview builds can be downloaded from Github:

Windows Linux Mac

Feedback is very welcome.

New features #

Favorites menu to save files that are opened not frequently enough to stay in recent files history.

Opening archives (zip, 7z, tar) and compressed files (gzip, bzip2, xz, lzma). Files are extracted to temporary location and opened from there.

Opening files from network locations. Klogg will download file to temporary location and open it.

Renaming tabs for opened files.

New encoding menu with support for more common encodings included with Qt.

Documentation updates.

Bugfixes #

Version 19.12 introduced multi-window mode. Thanks to bug reports on GitHub saving configuration for this case now works as expected.

Several rendering bugs in highlighters dialog have been found that existed since glogg times. They do not reproduce on Mac VM with software rendering. After some research these are now fixed.

Some single letter hot keys were broken in 19.9. Fixed.