Getting Involved

Github #

Feel free to submit bug reports, feature requests, questions and pull requests on Github project.

Chats with developers #

There is a Discord server, Telegram group and Gitter community.

Mailing list #

glogg has a mailing list where bugs, features and future development are discussed. Sometimes these ideas end up in klogg earlier.

The mailing list address is and the archive is found on Google Groups.

Contributors #

Thanks to all people who help develop klogg

  • Alexander Hirsch
  • Alexei Colin
  • Andre Soares
  • Charley Peng
  • Dan Berindei
  • David Frey
  • Dmitry Afanasiev
  • Gustav Andersson
  • Jeff Jensen
  • Jonathan Wakely
  • Marcin Twardak
  • neurocod
  • Paolo Cancedda
  • Patrick Tsai
  • Robin Luiten
  • Seerauber
  • Sergei Dyshel
  • plonibarploni
  • probonopd
  • wiz0u