Faster log explorer #

klogg is a multi-platform GUI application to search through all kinds of text log files using regular expressions. It is fork of glogg project created by Nicolas Bonnefon.

klogg is designed to:

  • be fast
  • handle huge log files
  • provide a clear view of the matches even in heavily cluttered files.

General usage can be described as simple loop:

graph TD; A[Search for some regular expression]-->B[Mark interesting lines to keep in results window]; B-->A;

Using this pattern you can get full picture of what was happening at the time of logging.

Features #

klogg inherited a lot of features from glogg

  • Runs on Unix-like systems, Windows and Mac thanks to Qt5
  • Displays search results separately from original file
  • Supports Perl-compatible regular expressions
  • Colorizes the log and search results
  • Displays a context view of where in the log the lines of interest are
  • Is fast and reads the file directly from disk, without loading it into memory
  • Watches for file changes on disk and reloads it (kind of like tail)
  • Is open source, released under the GPL

klogg improves and brings more

  • Builds initial file index significantly faster
  • Uses multiple CPU cores to do regular expression matching
  • Detects log file encoding using uchardet library (support utf8, utf16, cp1251 and more)
  • Allows to perform search in a portion of huge log file
  • Keeps in-memory cache of search results per search pattern
  • Allows to paste some text from clipboard for further analysis
  • Has portable version for Windows (no need to install)

Downloads #

Latest stable version:

GitHub Release Bintray Chocolatey

Latest development builds can be downloaded from releases on Github:

Windows Linux Mac