Version 19.9 released

Version 19.9 #

The main focus of this release was fixing bugs with reading changing files. There were some usabiltiy improvements, UI became more responsive and a few minor features sneaked in. And new icons by wiz0u.

Configuration file is now split in two parts:

  • user settings (they can be changed through UI and klogg does not edit them)
  • application settings (history of opened files, search patterns, etc., these are changed automatically by klogg)

This release has following changes:

  • fixes for reindexing files that are changing on disk
  • autorefresh of search results
  • quickfind searching on separate thread (avoiding ui freezes)
  • usabiltiy improvements (tab closing options, search bar layout)
  • option to paste data from clipboard and do usual searching (data is saved to temporary file)
  • abitlity to open several files from ‘Open file’ dialog
  • 3rdparty libraries updates

Download on Github: klogg 19.9